In Loving Memory of
Christina Lynn Haskins
June 23, 1981 - September 21, 1997

Christina, you will never know how much we miss your smiling face and gift of gab.

Our life is so very quiet now, and so full of sadness.  I will never understand "WHY" God took you so young, I still had so much to teach you and to share with you. As I begin accepting your death, it hurts so very much, but I can only belive you are in a better place and you are safe from harm.

Please watch over your brother who misses you so very much.  Your dad and I love you and we can be at peace knowing that you knew how much we did love you.  Our last words to each other were "I LOVE YOU" and I am so glad of that.

Thank you for the "WHO AM I" you wrote as a tribute to us before you died.  We know how appreciative you were for all we had given you and that makes us so proud of you.  You were only 16 years old, but had given us a lifetime of pleasure and chatter.  We miss your constant chatter the very most.  I guess now we understand why you had to talk so fast and constantly.......Oh how I miss the constant talking.........

We love you and miss you Oh so very much.........

Mom and Dad

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