In Loving Memory of
Dylan Wayne Jones
Passed Away December 2, 1991


It has been a long time since I said good bye and buried your little body. Some say I should be past the grief I feel. I will miss you until we meet again, my beautiful boy, my "tiny love." Mommy misses you so very much, and so does your baby brother.

To Dylan,

I held you gently in my arms,
Dylan Wayne your given name,
I will not get to know you,
But I love you just the same.

Iíll never know your laughter
Iíll never hear you cry,
And yet we shared my body,
Together you and I.

In the few, but precious months,
My little baby boy,
You brought me so much happiness,
My heart so full of joy.

You're a part of me forever,
My angel up above,
Your sweet face I will remember,
I still miss you, my tiny love.

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