In Loving Memory of
Ann Smith

I miss you so much, Ann... you weren't related to me by blood, but you were what family is supposed to be... caring, forgiving, open and nonjudgmental. Every day almost, I see someone that looks similar to you, and my heart stops for just an instant... until I realize again that you're not coming back. We sat up and talked so many times I can't remember... it hurts me to think about the hard times you faced, sometimes at the hands of your own family. I cry when I think that it may be so long until we can sit up and talk again. I wish you could see my daughter, and the one on the way... she was born just before you died, two and a half years ago. You were a wonderful friend, and a loving mother to me. I miss you so much, and I hope to see you again when it's time. Tell my Uncle Muffy, my Uncle Walter and my Grandma Dorothy I said hello.

Love you always, Grandma Ann. Bonnie



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