In Loving Memory of
Ged Eden
July 23, 1949 - August 31, 1997

This page is in memory of "Ged Eden"

A beloved and devoted husband, dad, and grandad to wife "Carole", daughters "Julie", "Carol", "Jackie", and "Debbie", grandchildren "Lee", "Steven", "Karli", "Mark", "Ben", "Christopher" and "Stephanie".

This very precious and very brave man was cruelly snatched away from his loving family, by a killer dust known as asbestos.

A year has passed, and it's still so hard,
Because you're no longer here,
God took you far away from us, and left us with these tears,
To wish you back would be so cruel, because of all your pain
But our lives without you "Ged" won't ever be the same.

They say that time alone will heal,
But they don't know the pain we feel,
We sat beside your bedside, our hearts were numb and sore,
We stayed with you right to the end, till we could do no more,
In tears we watched you sinking, we watched you fade away
And deep within our broken hearts we knew you couldn't stay,
We still relive the pain we felt every single day.

You touched the hearts of all you met,
We never ever will forget,
The greatest man we ever knew, we send all our love to you,
Twinkle twinkle star so bright,
Cuddle our grandad and hold him tight,
Tell him we love him and although we are small,
Tell him he is the best Grandad of all.

This special man touched so many hearts, so many people love and miss him.

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