In Loving Memory of
Herbert Leroy Paul

A Letter to Our Dad, Husband, Friend, Grandfather...

How do we begin, how do we explain,
The feelings of seeing our love,
Endure such undue pain?

Your character was tested,
Your life was changed that day,
Instead of coming home, in the hospital bed you lay.

>From the first day of your stroke,
We prayed to God above,
Please give us a miracle, and show us your infinite love.

The love we sure were granted,
As we visited you each day,
And held your hand so tightly, as you joined us to pray.

The miracle we saw too,
In how you gave your all,
In therapy it was a miracle the day you stood up tall!

The day your speech returned,
We couldn't believe our eyes,
For now you could say "I Love You" with just a little try.

As time went on,
You lost your strength and we began to see,
That Gods plan for you as we saw it, just was not going to be.

We wondered what God's plan was,
We questioned, we asked why?
How could God have planned this suffering, for such a special guy?

The wonder of it all, was revealed to us this way,
Your pain now gone forever,
In heaven you will stay!

It's hard to think of life without you,
But one thing is comforting to know,
This day you are in heaven, looking down on us below.

You were a source of strength to us,
As we watched you day to day,
You fought a very tough battle, our hero we can say!

We know that one day we will see you,
Dad, grandpa, husband, and friend,
Up in heaven we'll be with you, when our life comes to an end!

So goodbye for now we say,
And as hard as it may be,
We look forward to seeing you again in heavens eternity.
(written by Mary Jensen, my sister)

Who would have even imagined how hard it would really be?  There isn't a day goes by in the six months its been since losing our dad, that we don't feel our hearts breaking. We love you dad, husband, and grandpa more than words can ever say.  You were such a vital part of our lives, and the space you left behind is immense.  Thank you Lord for the blessed hope of seeing him again, that's all that's left to comfort us!

The entire Paul Family

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