In Loving Memory of
Julius F. "Peanut" Sevcik III
April 24, 1967 - July 9, 1991

"PEANUT"...With Love, Lynn

You can't see right now, the tears in our eyes,
Nor can you see the hole in our hearts and their size,
All thru our lives you've been there for the whole family,
Making sure nothing bad ever came to be,
It never mattered how far or where,
But, whenever you were needed, you were always there,
You had a heart that was made of gold,
So full of warmth it could never go cold,
You always thought of others and never of just you,
And whatever problems came up you always pulled us thru,
If there was a leak,
You were there to close it,
If a pipe was broke,
You were there to fix it,
If kids needed watching,
You were there to sit,
If house additions needed to be put up,
You were there to build it,
No matter the problem,
If it were big or small,
We could always count on you,
To get us thru it all,
That is why it's so hard,
To let you go,
We will always miss you,
And love you so.

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