In Loving Memory of
James H. Glass
Passed Away October 22, 1998

My father passed away on October 22, 1998, at approximately 8:10 a.m. at home.   He was 80 years old and had been married to my mother for 55 years.  We only found out in August that he had carcinoma of the lymph nodes, and we guess that he just gave up after that.

My mother I watched him go down hill very rapidly.  He wouldn't eat but a few bites, and I saw the color of his eyes slowing fading like a candle that's about to go out.   He went quickly and peacefully.

The night before he died,  I couldn't sleep, and felt compelled to sit in the doorway of my room.  I sat there on the rug, still in my clothes from work, then I heard footsteps going up the hall towards my parents room, (there wasn't anyone there, as there is a nite light in the hallway) and I looked up and in my heart I asked my brother Rick,(who died in 1986) "if he was coming to get dad"? And in my brothers voice, just as I remember, he said "yup". After that, I got up and went to bed, I didn't sleep real well, but finally went to sleep.

We found my father on the bathroom floor the next morning, but he was still alive.  We put him back into bed, and within a half an hour, he had passed.  I kissed his head and told I loved him and would miss him.  But I know he is in God's hands and he is with all our family and friends who have preceded him.

Thank you,
Lorayne A. Mc Cown & Adele M. Glass

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