In Loving Memory of
James J. Slocum
March 22, 1925 - September 9, 1997

Grieving For My Dad

I miss my dad.  He was stern.  He was wise.  He was resourceful. He always had an optimistic attitude toward life.  He could see the lighter side of things.  He didn't take things too seriously...didn't let things get him down.  He was responsible...didn't run away from his eight children, although he might have wanted to sometimes.

It is spring and I miss his advice about trimming trees and planting flowers.  I look at the roses he helped me plant and wish I would have paid more attention when he told me how to care for them.  I wish I would have taken more interest in his garden and what it meant to him. I wish I would have taken the time to understand what made him tick.

I miss his laughter and his light heartedness.  I miss talking to him and learning from him.

Three great grand-children have been born in the nine months since his death.  Dad's legacy remains.  I hope I can do it justice.

Kelli  (My dad's name for me.)

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