In Loving Memory of
Jeremy Wayne Sykes
May 4, 1977 - July 2, 1998

I lost my beautiful son Jeremy Wayne Sykes July 2, 1998 due to suicide.   He took gasoline and poured it thoughout his house and set it on fire and then put a gun to his head.
I was the first family member to arrive at the house and receive the news. It still rips me apart hear the police officer tell me my son had "expired".
And not knowing why you did not come to us Jeremy. We were always here for were our only son and I don't understand this.
You left behind a beautiful little daughter, Kayla, who is 18 months old. How is she going to go on without her daddy?? And your wife Krisie...she loves you so much.

I am so glad I was able to see you Jeremy before they laid you to rest. In my mind's eye I saw visions of you burned beyond recognition and your head being gone. The funeral home did a really good job making it OK for me and Krisie to see you, and thank God I did. Dad gave you his hat to cover your wound so we could see you.

You looked just like Jeremy...your red whiskers and brows, and your smile were all still there...even your ear ring. I held you the best I could and hugged you. I did not want to let you go. I kissed your lips many times, thinking maybe you would wake up and this would all just be a bad nightmare.  I laid upon your chest and I told you of my love and the love of your family for you. I forgave you for taking your life. I am trying very hard to understand it all.  I sat an angel upon your shoulder to watch over you.

I put 3 letters in with you too.  Your sister Brandy wrote to you because she was not able to come and see you. She was afraid to, as was your Dad.  But even your Dad wrote you a note. I had to help him with the spelling, as you knew Pop had a bad time at that. He loves you and is taking this so very very hard. There are days he goes to visit you twice a day. Please help your Dad through this Jeremy.

Help us all to make it through this, and to understand the reason "WHY" behind this. God knows we love you with all our hearts and will for the rest of our lives.

I am encloseing a poem I wrote to you Jeremy and another poem someone else wrote who wanted to be left "Unknown", but you will know who it is I am sure.

I love you Jeremy Wayne Sykes, may you forever be up there watching over all of us and keep a spot safe for us when the day comes when we will be together again.

All My Love,

Your Loving Mother

My Son

As I sit here the rain is coming down, I hear it dancing upon the ground,
I keep searching for...Looking all around but you are no where to be found,
I sometimes hear your voice inside my head, I reach for you but you're not there,

I see you in my dreams at night and I still hear your laughter,
Such joy you brought to all,
Help us to survie this painful time, until the time when I too will be with you, safe and sound in the arms of our God.

Love forever your Mother,

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