In Memory Of
Linda Banzhaf Thompson

June 11, 1959 - September 29, 1997

Our Star

There is a star in the sky whose first light began to touch our lives on June 11, 1959.

Her brilliance reached down and touched the faces of all of us.

We always knew that when we wanted to feel her warmth we only had to reach out to Our Star and we would feel the gentle caress of her light.

Even behind the clouds, when her light did not glow brightly for us, we always knew that she was there, shining, reaching out to us, trying to warm us, trying to reassure us. And we didn't mind the rain quite as much, just because we could feel her presence.

We didn't thank the Creator for Our Star as often as we should have. We just knew she would be there whenever we needed to feel the comfort of her light.

We never thought of losing the glimmer that warmed our lives each and every day.

Then we noticed that her light began to blur.

Thirty-six short years later Our Star began to flicker and dim. She struggled, she fought, she tried to glow brighter, yet as fate would have it her light still faded.

We all fought along with her. We prayed, we wished, we cried, we loathed, we bargained, we tried to give her some of our light. But still the beautiful light of Our Star continued to diminish.

Our Star has flickered and faded now, but up there, among the shining light of all the other stars, the afterglow of the brightest star of all offers her gentle gleam. She is still shining down on us and we know that she will be there for us to look upon, to feel her warmth, to see her beauty, to know the love of the most resplendent star that has ever passed through our constellation.

We have named Our Star


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