In Loving Memory of
Lawerence "Larry" Michael Goode
Beloved Husband, Father, & Friend

A good friend of ours died due to complications of recently diagnosed leukemia at the age of 40 years old.  His name is Lawerence Michael Goode. Know by most as simply "Larry".

Larry leaves behind a wife, Connie, and three very young children...Raymond (10), Rachel (5), and Evan (2).
Larry graduated from Thurston High School in Redford Twp., MI  in 1976.  He was an avid golfer and a most dedicated father.

Larry recently beat Hodgkins disease and after a one year break and enjoying his new found health he was diagnosed with leukemia.  Thank God he did not have to suffer long.  The family has very limited insurance and are in dire need of prayers so that they may find strength to not only deal with the loss of their husband and daddy, but too also deal with the challenges that will be presented in the future.

You Will Be Missed, Larry!
Tracey Schultz & Your Friends at Great Lakes Technologies Group

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