In Loving Memory of
Martin J. Sternig
October 11, 1919 - November 15, 1998

Dear God,

I have to ask you why, did my Dad have to die?
The grief it is so hard to bear, please keep him in your loving care.

We thank you for the time with him, although our life right now seems dim,
We ask you, help us with our tears, to accept he is gone, no longer here.

He's in our memories and in our heart,
He gave so much in life, he surely did his part.

I see his bright blue eyes and smile,
And tell myself this parting will be only for a while.

Its hard understanding the things we cannot see,
I put my faith in you God and the fear is gone from me.

I'll go on trying, not to be so sad, for now God stands beside you,
Oh how I'll miss you DAD...

Loving Husband to Mom,
Dear father and grandfather to us.

I love you Dad...

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