In Loving Memory of
Mona R. Durfee
March 21, 1937 - August 21, 1996

Dear Mom,

I love you so much and have only grown to love you more in the nearly two years that you've been gone.  I miss you so much and I especially miss you being here for the birth of my daughter.  She bears your first name as her middle name and I will make sure she knows that she was named after her Grandma, who is a very special, strong woman.  Mom, I know she loves you and that you love her even though you've not met on this earth.   Perhaps you met while in Heaven before God sent her to be with us.  Dad misses you incredibly so as do we all.  We know we will see you again in Heaven.  Please know how much I love you, miss you, and how deeply you touched and impacted my life.  Your children have truly risen up and called you blessed.

Loving You Forever, Your Daughter,

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