In Loving Memory of
Pollyanna Dorough
1961 - 1998

Pollyanna Dorough passed away Saturday, September 12, 1998. She was a wonderful person, though I never met her face to face.

She was the older sister of the Backstreet Boys' band member Howie Dorough. She had an enormous impact on Howie's life. It was she who encouraged him to get into show business. Because of her, he and his four best friends have become a very successful musical act all over the world.

Backstreet Boys fans all over the world are mourning Pollyanna and sending their prayers to her family and friends, especially Howie.

We send our prayers to you, Pollyanna, and we hope you have gone on to a better place.

Written by Valerie Macko, a dedicated Backstreet Boys fan.

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