In Loving Memory of
Paul G. Henley

Died In A Motorcycle Accident April 17, 1998

Paul, we miss you so much...  you are always at our side and in our hearts...
Love, your sister and best bud... Sarah

...a poem written the night you passed Sarah Allen


No one can believe you're gone so soon, you just slipped away,
So for now, just beyond our reach, you will have to stay,
We will miss your laughter, your caring way,
How you were there for us, night and day,

We can't imagine being here without you, we knew that you wanted to stay,
We all loved you so much, but your soul is with God now, it's found it's place,
You'll be in our hearts, our thoughts and dreams,
We'll remember you always, your spirit will remain,

So...we won't say goodbye, Paul, it just seems so unfair,
We can't accept that you're gone so we'll just say "See ya" till we get there...

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