In Loving Memory of
Rick Lucken
September 3, 1948 to July 15, 1997

Now an angel among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above.
Loving & Missing You, Dad...Yours Always, Scoop

I planted flowers in your shoes today.   What a strange thing to do.  I placed the arrangement on your grave and once again thought about you being gone.  And, once again I said "it isn't true"!  I looked at the empty pack of Camel cigarettes that I had placed on the arrangement along with the empty bottle of that icky dark beer you drank and I said "it isn't true"!  Where did you go my friend?   We go back so far together.  Where's your head for crows?  Where's your ass for holes?   Where's my friend with the grin so big every time he saw me?  Why aren't my shoes rearranged in the entryway?
My hair is finally short like you always wanted me to wear it.  Not because I finally let someone cut it short.  It fell out after treatment for cancer.  Can you believe that one?  Where were you when I needed you my friend?  Where are you now?
Lets go to Grady's for a beer o.k.?  Let's talk and laugh like we used to.  I miss you Rick and it hurts so much.  I will never say goodbye dear friend, only that I will see you when you open up the gates for me some day like the song says.  Are you playing golf in heaven?  I suppose so.  Until I see you again, I love you Rick!


Riding Your Sunset

I felt like a 12 year-old when I saw a summery grin on your face after you exhaled from a filter-less Camel while resting your left leg on the golf cart. "Hey man, it's about time you got here." It was a gray, windy, and cool afternoon at the Elbow Lake Golf Course. Your pin high precision turf hat was snug around your tan, well traveled head; letting the long, legendary hair flow carelessly in the back.
The game was Captain and the responses over 18 holes were different, yet the same: "I got Rick."
"The bastard is in the rough, but I will take him anyway."  "Lucken - my captain, my frickin' captain!"
"I'll take my future father-in-law!"
I felt like I was riding the sunset.
I was so fortunate to spend those priceless, late afternoon and twilight hours with you.
You told me...
"Don't swing so damn hard, you don't have to impress me anymore!"   "Christ, you gotta follow through on your putts!"

I heard about...
Your honorable discharge from Vietnam,
Road trips in the blue van,
Memorable nights on the town,
The Vikings chances for last season,
And great times with your daughter.

I learned...
The potency of non-filtered cigarettes,
The significance of old friends,
The importance of a good second shot,
How much these men needed you,
And how much I miss you.

Dommer - Memorial Day, 1998

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