In Loving Memory of
Susan Roberta Black
January 31st 1967- August 29th 1986

Susan my darling little sister.
Upon my heart is a giant Blister.
You decided to exit this life early.
To me you were still a little girly.
19 years old you departed from us.
This isn't the first I written you little cuss.
There are many things I wish were true.
One of them is I no longer miss you.
As I sit here today.
As I write and as I pray.
I know that there is something that must be taught.
That is suicide one ought not.
It's not the answer for you are for me.
It's locking the door and throwing away the key.
Not a soul can help one once they have gone.
How could have I helped you to carry on.
As the years quickly pass me by.
And i think there is nothing more to cry.
I look out at the trees gently dancing today.
And as the breez blows the leaves away.
It reminds me of how you used to dance with joy.
Around you danced many a boy.
You were the freest spirit I ever did see.
I only wonder why you didn't want to be.
I think to myself of how much I miss you.
And there is nothing that can change that.
There is nothing I can do.
Except try my best to keep from being blue. 

~~ Joan Marie Black

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