In Loving Memory of
Therese "Terry" Johnson
February 4, 1928 - October 10, 1997

My mother was a very quiet and humble person, she never imposed herself on anyone. She was always there when we needed her. I will always remember the beautiful smile she had on her face, her laughter.
When she had something to say her foot would bounce up and down, when she was exasperated with my dad her eyes would roll around in her head.
Her garden was her fall and spring passion. She loved to get out there and get into the dirt. I can still see her out there and so do our neighbors. Now my dad and I have just finished the planting the way she would have wanted it.
She loved to read, paint, and play our keyboard.
This lady was a very special and dear person in our lives. We will truly miss her!
I think what makes me feel a little better about her dying is that she died peacefully and in dignity and that she is with Our Lord Jesus. We will always have PRECIOUS MEMORIES of her and she will be our Guardian Angel forever!

We Love You "SUZY" my father's special pet name for her.

Love from your John, Lauren, and Kathleen

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