In Loving Memory of
Thomas "Big Red" Smalls, Jr.
October 7, 1933 - November 27, 1997

My daddy taught me that each day is a new beginning . . . another chance to learn more about ourselves, to care more about others, to laugh more than we did, to accomplish more than we could, and to be more than we were before.  And yes, my daddy's life was full, and he savored much; good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.  It's hard not to grieve for him now that he is free, as he followed the path to God you see.  My daddy took God's hand when he heard him call, and he turned his back and left it all.  Perhaps his time seemed all to brief, and I'm trying not to legthen it with undue grief.  Oh! how my daddy's parting has left a void, but my rememberence of him is filled with joys; of friendship shared, a laugh, and a kiss.  And Oh yes, these things my daddy too will miss.  I lift up my heart, longing for peace to be with it, for I know that God wanted my daddy and he set him FREE.

My daddy was a man who lived his life his way and did things according to his own time, and no one, not even I could influence him otherwise. We were so close, and truly loved each other.  I wanted him to have the surgery he so desperately needed which could have saved his life, but he chose to wait 4 years to make up his mind.  You see my daddy had prostate cancer --- a slow but deadly cancer if left untreated.  My daddy was so much into life that he did not want to wait for the "down time" of recovering from surgery--- especially that kind of surgery and the side effects of the surgery were unthinkable to him.

There is no one to blame, for that would be cruel.  For life is a game of which sometimes my daddy did not know the rules.

Yet I rejoice in knowing that the glory of the angels was singing as the heavenly trumpet was sounding ... beholding the majestic splender revealing that my daddy was homeward bound.  There is no pain or sorrow nigh, and all my daddy's trials have passed away...Cause sweet Jesus warmly greeted my daddy, and I know he has gone home to stay.

Daddy I know I asked a lot of you, but daddy I hope you remembered the last thing I could ever ask of you, and that was since you were dying first and I would be remaining, one thing I demanded of you, is that you walk slowly down the path of death, for daddy you knew one day I would follow you.  Daddy I want to know each step you took so I may walk the same, cause daddy, one day down that lonely road, you'll hear me call your name -- THOMAS SMALLS, and say "Hi, daddy" and you will know its your big girl Thomasina.  And until then, I will always remain heartbroken and forever long for your smile, humor, temperment, and especially your love.


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