In Loving Memory of
All the people who passed on September 11th and the Survivors, God Bless.

"Clear Blue September" By: Melanie Morgan Clear blue September Green trees sway in the Autumn breeze and there is laughter in the streets, Unsuspecting workers in their offices, Someone buys a Bagel and coffee, A parent takes a child to school. Suddenly Fireballs immerse the sky, Smoke, ashes, heat, People jump for safety, arms reaching out for help, Prayers and Love yelled fervently to the sky. Cars fill the streets, Fall is crisp, awakening hope, Children walk to school or ride their bikes, and laugh and play without a care, Meanwhile, I curl my hair and feed the cats, I am on my way to work, just another day. Sirens roar, police and firefighters frantically emerge on the streets the scent of fear,panic, Ambulances, firetrucks by the hundreds, Bewildered passerby stare in horror. Elsewhere, People nonchalantly go about their day, As bursts of flames erode the sky, and lives are taken suddenly, families torn apart, children lose their mothers and fathers, There are words left unsaid, That now cannot be spoken. A war has begun, this clear blue September morning, as Men in black masks yielding knives overpower unsuspecting passengers, Shattering lives, like rippling water in a pond, "I love yous" not often said, are screamed thru cell phones to husbands, children, wives. "We are going to die," " We are going to die" a man says stoically to his wife as the plane falls helplessly from the sky. Meanwhile faraway, another plane crashes angrily into thousands of lives, Ending dreams, hopes, even sorrows. Like a horror movie, smoke billows, people run for their lives,chased by fire and smoke,stark terror in their eyes. War torn world, Home of the brave, fearless America, Our illusions explode, Cacaphony is in the streets, "America, America, God shed his Grace on thee."



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