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and in dedication to all "The Message Upon The Stone"

“As long as we live, they too will live; for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.” The Message Upon The Stone (by Eric S. Kingston) In loving memory, Of the father’s, mother’s, children, innocent victims of 9- 11-01 & especially Paige Farley, Ruth & Juliana McCourt And they rose up towards the stars. And the adults looked upward, but the child, feeling sorrow, looked back and saw the sorrow of those below. And she said, “What of those we are leaving behind? Should we not, before entering The Gates of Heaven, give to them a message to comfort their sorrow and loss, for we are now to enter The Gates of Heaven and go back to the Heart of G-d?” And the other souls stopped for a moment, for the words of the child they knew were true and were needed by the family, friends and loved ones still behind. And so, those departed souls that were once mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters looked back down upon the face of the world and thought of their lives, and saw the sorrows of the people, and they realized the wisdom of the child and the beauty, love and possibilities of their lives and the world; and they remembered, and they began to weep, and they gathered round in a circle, and they thought of that which they once were and that which they could have been, and together they remembered and together they wept. Then within the circle they joined hands, and together, through the depths of their tears they were each granted a moment to speak. And to all the people, of all the nations, in all the world they gently cried out; I was once a father. I was once a son. I was once a mother, a daughter to someone. I was once a friend, a teacher and a man. I was once a possibility gone forever from this land. I was once a hope, a cause waiting to be found. The one who may have discovered what made this world go ‘round. Yes, I was once a person taken thoughtlessly in vain. So remember us, our friend’s, for your world will never be the same. Remember us, our friend’s, for your world will never be the same. And their tears began to fall down upon the face of the Earth, but their prayer, spoken so purely from the depths of each heart, bound together and rose up as a single beam of golden light. The words rose with such love and lament, that they broke through the Gates of Heaven before them. They rose so high up that even the Host’s of Heaven heard the prayer and even they began to weep. And the tears fell down from the heights of the skies above and landed upon the face of a flat and ancient stone. A stone that was always there and always visible from all corners of the Earth. And as the tears of sorrow fell and fell they struck hard against the stone. Each tear became an individual that wrought its sacred letter upon the face of the stone. And soon the tears began to carve an epitaph, a prayer, which was more like a message, but more so, a candle of hope and challenge for those of us below. And they wept and they wept until a Voice from above said, “Enough, it is time.” And they reach out and The Hand of G-d reached down and pulled them each into the realms of Heaven. And the people below, who had hidden or wept in the tears of the storm from above, began to emerge. For no matter the loss or the storm, time moves us forward, skies clear and gives us, if we are lucky, the insight of choice to understand and to grow, and to move forward within our own lives. Yet, far too often, if we are not careful, we allow ourselves to forget even those we most love. And the stone? If you look with open eyes you will see it. The stone upon the hill beaming out their message and their challenge, “that within every act, no matter how terrible, some measure good can, and must, be found” if we are to grow together, change together, live together and love together. But,much more than this, if we listen with our heart, we will hear their words singing with unbroken courage, and one day, maybe, we will learn as one to live together the meaning of the message upon the stone. The Message Upon The Stone The ways of The Blessed Holy One are not the ways of man And the events that befall you, you cannot understand For every tomorrow is never the same Remember, You have only THIS moment to love more and change For within every moment is more than its time It’s Life forever unfolding in rhythm and rhyme It’s the challenge before you to be more than you are So don’t light only candles, reach up for a Star Make for the better a loving world that sustains Keeping the faith no matter the pain Knowing the ocean reflects Heaven’s Shore And remember, Soldiers of Peace, are as brave as soldiers of war So go now, for we speak from the stars of the sky Lights in the dark in The Blessed Holy One’s Eyes Don’t lose your chance before it’s taken away For you have ONLY this moment to love or to change Even if memory is all that remains You have ONLY THIS MOMENT to love in love’s way And on a stone, upon a hill, sits an inscription which was carved from the tears of Angels, who for a moment, turned to look behind, and left for us a reminder, a prayer to learn, comfort or ignore, but never left for us to forget. Amen. In Lasting Memory, Eric Sander Kingston Director The Council on Peace, Unity & Understanding “The understanding of” SM Remember, the length of a persons life is measured within its quality, not within its brevity of years. ©2002 Eric S. Kingston Email: [email protected] (248) 400-0919 (Also in remembrance of Kenny & Arthur Simon) & special thanks to Wayne Dyer

Eric S. Kingston



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