In Loving Memory of

Hi. My name is M----. I am 12. I'd like to say that my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the tragic events in September. I can't believe how you could feel, knowing that your family or friends were killed so brutally. I had the inspiration to write, later in the week of the terrorist attack. I think that I am a good writer. But I would like you to be the judge for me. I wrote this poem in memory of those who lost their lives. Here it goes. I hope that it gives you a little hope in all that has happened.

The tears of America
The tears of the brave
The tears of the people
Standing by graves
The tears of the soldiers, tall and strong
For we have been peaceful for oh, so long
The tears of a mother as she tries to make known
To children why daddy will never come home
The tears of the veterans when they see the worst
The tears of the citizens when they see the burst
The tears of the flag - red, white, and blue
The tears of me, and the tears of you
The tears of the country, how much they gave
The tears of America
The tears of the brave

I hope you liked my poem. My thoughts and love and hope and feelings are in every single letter, word, line. I think that the country will make it through this, no matter what.

God Bless,

Sorry that it isn't spaced out better - the thingy won't let me change it.



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