In Loving Memory of
Those lives lost Sept 11, 2001 and for the loved ones suffering now

My heart and prayers go out to each and every one of you. To the passengers and crew of the airliners - and the family and friends they have left behind; to the people who perished in the Pentagon and the World Trade Center and their familys and friends, and to the familys and friends of the rescue personnel... police and fire who lost their lifes while trying to help others... please know that your friends and loved ones have not died in vain. Their deaths have brought a spirit of unity and resolve to this country that will live on and honor their memory for decades to come. The words are small consolation when part of your life has been taken from you.. remember the good things and know that many others around the world are grieving with you for your loss and praying that the Lord will give you strength and solace in the days to come. God Bless all of you and may God bless and guide our leaders and military and intelligence personnel in the days to come as they seek to put an end to the activities of the madmen that caused this terrible tragedy.

Jeanette in Louisville KY



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