In Loving Memory of
Those that died September 11, 2001

I cannot comprehend the tragedy of what happened. Thousands of you were lost yesterday, the 11th day of September 2001. The loss of each of your contributions to our United States will be felt throughout this country and around the world. No one can replace what we have lost here and simply going on with life to prove a point to our attackers is not appropriate in my opinion. I want to leave a written memorial to those of you who were our financial/buisness and our politicial and security leaders of this country. It is unfortunate that your lives were lost in a war crime that you didn't even see coming. Hopefully we will go on with our lives but see our lives in a different light and not just continue on the same path of taking everything for granted. I also want to acknowledge the innocent people that were on a plane. These were men, women, and children. Each were doing buisness, taking vacations, and travelling with their families and friends. They were the unfortunate ones caught in the middle with NO CHANCE of survival. They gave up their chance the moment they stepped on the plane. I also want to send out my grief and condolances for our country. We have lost a lot of global innocance in the wake of this tragedy. The scenes I saw looked like they came from a third world country. We as Americans have been forever changed by this experience and act of war.

Our country took a serious hit on September 11, 2001 as commercial planes flew into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. We will never be the same.



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