In Loving Memory of
To The Lost Spirits...New York World Trade Center.

The poem written below is inspired by, Stevie Nicks song "Desert Angel" 1991 Timespace:The Best Of Stevie Nicks. (Operation Desert Storm) American Angel... I was born in New England, So I know how it feels here. Well, one evening I looked up and saw a shooting star! But then it became black as night...I saw no stars in the sky. Only to hear my "Maverick Heart" say, "Did you hear about the war?". I stood in disbelief, "no". I hadn't heard. The World Trade Center? That is a place my parents visited when I was a child." (I could only remain silent...) But then I thought, "Oh my God, children, human beings lost, how awful!" Well,this is the first thing that I have written since my Native American Activist days. I wrote about freedom. Now I write about grief. Imagine walls crashing down! Something broke the stars into thousands of pieces...Well, the land where I live is near Great Pine Mountains. My home is a place the Native Americans call paradise. Well, this has always been my sanctuary and as I sit here

Kindness and Serenity... Autumn Rain Eyes "Peace, is not only a season, but yet also a way of life...Let's make our way always..."



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