In Loving Memory of
to all the innocent lives that were lost on september 11, 2001

the innocent lives that were lost in the cruel and horrifying attack makes me realize the darkness in every world. i will not lie. i am a muslim. but i am also an American. I have cherished the ideals of America. For a free, for the people and by the people, governing body with liberty and justice for all. my religioun has always preached tolerance and love for all, hatred for none. these attacks are a disgrace to Islam and a disgrace to all Muslim nations. I greive and cry with you in this horrifying loss. I am shocked and angry that the proprietors of this crime and those who celebrate dare call themselves muslims. i cannot tell you how much I pray for the victims but also for justice. the innocent lives that were lost will never be replaced. yet more innocent lives taken will cause irreplacable grief. please pray for the justice being brought to those responsible. yet also remember the tolerance and justice our nation, under one God, holds for all. we all worship the same, One God. it's just a matter of worshipping Him differently. To the Victims-this message is dedicated to you and all of your loved ones. God bless you. God bless us all.

~~~~~~~~~~**********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~******** your innocent lives will be remembered and loved forever.



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