In Loving Memory of

The free world grieves with you for your loss. And what a price to pay!! Remember that all things happen for a reason, although it seems impossible to know what the reason could be.

The free world will now take action and as a result the oppression of the people may be lifted from those who are subdued and persecuted and long for freedom in the Middle East. Trust in your mighty government and the man that is chosen of God to lead and defend your Nation. What an awesome responsibility he holds. He needs to know he is supported in his decisions, no matter what they may be. I am sure no matter how hard it seems now, that we will be grateful for his leadership in the years to come. Believe that your loved ones have not died in vain and that their memories are to be treasured by each and everyone in the free world. For we all know they have paid the ultimate price for freedom.

Pray daily for your leaders and may the will of Almighty God be done!!

An Australian that mourns your loss with tears, and yet sees the bigger picture.



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