a Song of Consolation
In Loving Memory of
All those who suffered
a Song of Consolation

In the days since the tragic events unfolded before our eyes in New York, I have been thinking alot about what life was like before and what life will be like now. We will undoubtably see changes, especially in security and the general awareness, that terrorist activites can happen anywhere. I was also deeply impressed by the outpouring of love and the unity of the nation as we all realize that we are all Americans, it doesn't matter what our ethnic background, our religion, our political party may be, we all come together in times of need.

I wrote the following song, and my husband sang it and we posted it on the Internet, hoping that it would help those who are mourning loved ones, or just confused by the loss of the security we felt in the past. Here is a link to the web page that contains the songs you can listen to(MP3), and the lyrics:


Lisa Eversole

America Today

What's happened? What's happened? How can this be?
Our land we love, our land so free,
so many loved ones, so many gone,
the pain we feel it seems so hard to carry on.

For this is our land this is our home,
united we stand so let it be known
if you bring harm to one than you hurt us all
together we stand arm in arm we won't fall.

When there is hope there is great love
when there is faith there is great strength
please comfort those who are in such need
give them Thy love in strength and deed.

Repeat chorus

we will not fail those gone before
we will hold tight we will be strong
Our countries values we know we must trust
Now's the time to defend freedom yes, we must

For this is our world this is our home
the millions who've cared from hillside to throne
they show love will stay strong though it can't erase
we must carry on and we all must face

we will go on... we must go on...
for what was America, must be America today.
yes, what was America, will be America today.



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