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Space Shuttle - The Hand of Creation The astronauts who died
in the shuttle explosion
on Sat. Feb. 1, 2003
The crew of
the Space Shuttle Columbia
1 February 2003
Josh Penwright Lawrence E. Kosabucki James Francisco Hernandez
Jeffery Herbert William Joseph "BJ" Zaharchuk William Joseph "Billy" Zaharchuk
Diana, Princess of Wales Cynthia Ann Greer Min K. Oh
Jessica Pino Momma Patricia O'Neil
Maciej Zajiczek Kaelyn Faith Lowry Christina Ann Bralley
Karim Biro Leo Adrian Ferrari Bruce Eugene Stahl
Jeff Buckholz - GOMO Darrell Thomas Esgar Joel Reed
Marcella Ayne Galli Danny King Charlie E Durden
Ertugrul Murat Arslan Tony Harrell Vauna G Abernethy
Andrew J. Wakeland Pauline Gail Bickston Frederick Green
Frances Julia Roberts Gail R. Reynolds Benny "Papa" Burke
Lee R A Askew Lee R A Askew Mark M. Masterson Jr.
Kristofir G Enniss

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