In Loving Memory of
James Francisco Hernandez

James, You were always there to show you cared, honest to a fault, courageous to the end, nothing will ever change the fact you were always kind even to those who did not deserve it. You were a wonderfully perfect big brother to Stephen, you were my first born, never complaining just doing as you were asked, my perfect little boy, even at 23 you kept that childlike innocence, Son, you were and are the best friend i ever had, I nick named you, "little boy blue", I often called you my little Angel, never realizing you would be just that. To see you grow up so handsome, strong and good made me proud just to look at you. I will always be proud of the fact you never used drugs, nor did you like to drink,(liquor)the irony you were killed by a drunk stinks, not a day goes by that i don't call your name. I continue to pray and believe as i was taught that we will see and hug you again. I will keep your room. James,my honest,loving,caring,most trusted confidant and only true friend,I will love you always,I thank you for the kindness you always showed me, the respect and love you gave me,I miss you so much my son, Thank you James for always being there when i called. We look forward to seeing,hugging and laughing with you again. All My Love, Your mom, Angelica

Angelica R. Turkula



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