In Loving Memory of
Jessica Pino

In Loving memory of

Jessica Pino

June 11th,1976-July 2nd,2000

Janise Padilla

October 5th,1992-July 2nd,2000

Cheryl Shanks

1976-July 2nd, 2000

Jessica was absolutely the most caring, giving, loving person that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The time we were together was all too short, but we were able to pack alot of loving and fun into it. She was one to give and never ask for anything in return, she was truly one of a kind. When the lord called Jessica, her beautiful 7 year old twin daughter Janise and friend Cheryl Shanks home on July 2nd, 2000 it left many that knew them with very heavy hearts. Jessica, you always said we were "soul-mates", I believe this so very much. When my time on earth is through I know that you will be among my loved ones to greet me into heaven.

Jessica, you are "My Dream Come True"

Loving and Missing you so Much,

Dave Clark

Love, Dave



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