In Loving Memory of
Leo Adrian Ferrari

You will and will always be the love of my life. I miss you more then words can express and my heart still aches so much to be with you. I miss your laughter, your smile your warm embrace. I miss everything about you. My life will never be the same for the day you where so tragically taken away from me, so was my soul taken. I cry everynight and your in my thoughts every moment. My love if i could have taken your place i would in a heartbeat, because to live without you is not living at all. You are an amazing husband, father, lover and friend and all that met you even for a moment have been touched by you. Melynie, Jessica and Stefani remember and cherish every moment they have had with you constantly talking and sharing memories. So young you where to be taken so beautiful in every way. I miss your bear hugs and touch i miss being with you talking to you adoring you. You where right we did have a perfect life and that was because you made it that way. I just hope somehow some way you contact me to let me know your watching over us. I am looking forward to the day we meet again every moment i fantasize about it. I love you all the universe coochie.

Christina C. Ferrari



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