In Loving Memory of
GOMO - Jeff Buckholz

My Best friend It has been too many years without your late night calls Without your "isms" Without your OOOh-Weeiiooo's And jeez - this year's Opening day would be a MUST GO if'n you were here! I know you know that I love you I know you know that.... even though it is more than ten yrs. since you're somewhere else (I still feel you near - many times) -- I know it must be driving you nuts not to tell us about that place --- Oh my Gromehead - The Italian Marching Band goes on - just a little more quiet now --- cuz we miss our MASCOTT You will never be replaced, nor will I ever smile the same again This all seems pretty ludicrous because I am writing this to a dead guy.... I guess what makes it okay gomo is that in my head and heart, You will never be DEAD!!!! Stick by me grome I need my best pal again - more than you know I LOVE YOU as always - Barb XXXXXXXXX :) :)

No one could miss another more - and,I get by knowing that you know ....OOOIEEEEYYY The things we could talk about! Be there for me - I will be depending on you XXXX



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