In Loving Memory of
Pauline Gail Bickston

This website is dedicated to my mother-in-law, Pauline Gail Bickston. She was born in Walla Walla, Washington on February 21, 1923 and she passed away in Northridge, California on May 19, 2003. She was a mother to everyone. She had five daughters: Vauna, Karen, Gail, Paula and Dorothy. She was preceded in death by my beloved Vauna and by my sister-in-law Gail. Vauna passed on October 14, 2002 and Gail passed on January 31, 1988. Mom was very special. She was always there when you needed her. Many a hour I spent with her waiting for Vauna while in hospitals or at doctor visits. She was there for Gail and for all her other daughters, day or night. She will be missed immensely. Now she belongs to the ages. Rest in Peace. Until we meet again.

Love, John



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