In Loving Memory of
Maciej Zajiczek

It was on September 22, 1999, that we drove to the San Francisco airport for your trip back home to Poland. You were 21, handsome, brilliant, full of life, love and laughter. We said many times how much we loved each other and how we shared a special bond. It was you who saved my life in the late winter of 1996 while living with me as an exchange student. I would have died on my bathroom floor having choked on a pill, but you heard my distress and knew just what to do. I owe my life to you, Maciej, and now I can never thank you again for saving me. We shared a love for motorcycles and riding. What a great time we had riding together this summer from South Lake Tahoe to Carson City and to that spot on the map called Centerville, NV. Remember those photos we took, standing in front of the only business in the whole town? It was a beautiful day, a pleasant ride and such a joy to be with you. One week and a day after saying goodbye and making plans for you to come back next year, you are gone. The great irony is that you died while riding a motorcycle. I can imagine you riding along the Polish countryside, enjoying the day and relishing life. Then some terrible thing happened. There was no one around to see your final moments, no way to know exactly what happened. But you are no longer here and my heart aches. I weep every day and I miss you terribly. I love you Maciej. Your parents and your brother are suffering beyond my comprehension. As great as is my grief, it pales by comparison to the suffering your family is experiencing. I will keep your memory in my heart and mind for all my remaining days. Let God take care of you and be with you, my dearest friend. I'm grateful that you were part of my life, if even for a short time. Be in peace, Maciej.

In loving memory of Maciej, Tom Gorrell Roseville, California



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Memorial for Maciej Zajiczek