In Loving Memory of
Mark M. Masterson Jr.

September 5, 1985 - May 5, 1999

Mark, you were sent to heaven much too early for us but you will live forever in our hearts. No one can take that away from us. You will always be a part of us. It makes us so sad that your sisters will have to grow up without you. But your mom and dad will make sure they know what a very loving person you were.

We wish everyone on earth had a chance to get to know you Mark. You had a smile that lit up a room and could make us laugh even at the worst times. You were a very caring person with a heart of gold. Though your death was a tradegy, it would have been more of a tradegy not to have ever known you.

Until we see you again you will forever live in our hearts and in our minds.

Love Always,

Mom, Dad, Amber and Amanda



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