In Loving Memory of
Lucyna James

Dear little Mother,you're always so brave, Always so ready to smile; Always so willing a burden to lift, Thinking of others the while. You are companion and mother and friend, Councillor,playmate and guide. Strange how my cares seem to roll far away, When you sat by my side. How you have cherished the old family tie! Kept me under your wing; Wisdom and love with such patience divine, Dear Mother,your goodness I sing. Sing of your hands with their tender caress,Sing of your voice,soft and sweet; Sing of your eyes understanding and true, Sing of your tireless feet. How well you know all the ifs and whys, That a fellow could possibly ask Is past understanding,dear Mother of mine, And you never grow tired of the task. It's a marvel to me what patience you have With the endless demands on your time; While,year after year,you have guided my life; God bless such a mother of mine. You spur me to give the best of my life; Never shrinking a task...great or small, And in the Lord's strength to help the world on To know there's Love waiting for all.

This is for you MOM,I love you and miss you.April/1/00.......Your son Bill.



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