In Loving Memory of
Mandy Savino and Dwayne Levy

To the both of the people who meant a lot to me. I am going to miss the both of you so very much. Even though the two of you have never met. The both of you will have a place in my heart. Bubbles I will always love the way you made me smile when I needed one. And Mandy, I will always have the memories of the caring loving cousin that I will always have, no matter where you are. The both of your deaths has devistated me in different ways. One in the way that I will never see you anymore (physically). I don't like to have the feeling I get when I think about coming home to Vancouver and want to visit you and realize again that you are not going to be there. As the same for you (Bubbles), I go to New Ross and think that you are going to be there and then I realize that you are not. I want to come visit you and the only thought that comes to mind--is your grave sight. It saddens me to think that I have lost two really great friends and a cousin. The both of you have many loving friends and family who miss you dearly. Take care the both of you. I will miss you both, and I know the both of you are in a place where you are happy now. See you in our next life :o)

Misty Russ



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