In Loving Memory of

Michael, it will be five years in June that you went away...somtimes it feels like only yesterday and other times it feels like it has been forever. Oh how we miss your smile, your quick humor, your peaceful soul, your focus, your intensity, your acceptance...this world would have been a better place if you had stayed. Our lives are forever touched by your presence and forever altered by your absence.
We love you and miss more as each day passes!

It's too early in the morning and too late in my life to write a different story, to hope for different lines. I guess it's finally hit me what forever really means. That no amount of dreaming is gonna bring you back to me. And it's the end of wishful thinking. It's the end of wishful thinking. -- from album "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" by Cindy Bullens

Love, Mom and Dad, Pete and Chris



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