In Loving Memory of

7 Years ago you came into our world,only for a little stay. 7 Years later my precious each day that passed you were always on my mind my precious.
Your days here were very hard on you, machines fighting to keep you alive, your little body fighting to hang on, our prayers pleaing that you be spared.
You had to go, it was time to say good-bye, it was painful, it still is painful.
Few memories were created, the few that were are still vivid, my most cherished is having to hold you , finally getting to hold you, it was to short but I am grateful that I had the chance.
You will always be my son here on earth, and my angel in heaven, you will alwlays be treasured, you will always be remembered, you will always be loved, you will always be alive in my heart.
I Love you Iain.
See you in my dreams.




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