In Loving Memory of
Scott David de Laeter

Born 1 March 1971 - Died 25 December 1999 This is a memorial site for my dearly loved brother, Scott David deLaeter. Scott was born in Western Australia on 1 March 1971 to two ecstatic parents. His first 3 years were great, then I came along. Scott attended several different Primary Schools, but always made good friends in each. Many of which he kept until the day he died. Scott was a Corporal in the Australian Army Reserve and he paraded with pride. He loved his work with the Reserves. Scott also took great pride in his family. When we weren't living together we got along really well. At mum's wedding in October 1999, Scott and I were so proud of her. It's nice to know Scott left us with many many lovely memories. Who was to know he was going to be taken so soon? Scott died when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car while travelling to Melbourne, Australia. Needless to say, the accident was horrific, but luckily Scott would have known nothing. Scott's funeral was nice. We played Star Wars and Star Trek as the main themes, as they were Scott's favorite movies. He knew all the words off by heart. Scott is survived by his daughter, Grace who is only 8 months old, his partner Sally and friend, Katie. Scott, we all love you dearly and are so sad you had to leave so soon. Say hi to Mee Lin for us. Love from all the family Louanne, Sean, Mum, Sergio, Dad, Jean, Sally, Katie, Grace, Nanna and Grandpa.



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