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THE DAY MY MOM WENT TO HEAVEN... On January 18, 2000 my mom went to be with Jesus. My mom was a truly remarkable lady. She and my dad would have celebrated their 49th anniversary on February 2. Although I knew that there was something wrong with her that caused her to lose use of her legs, It was a total shock when she passed away. Although there was no diagnosis..the doc's say it was probably Lou Gehrigs disease. If I had to share the most special thing about my mom, it's the fact that for most of her adult life she was totally blind. Some people would consider blindness to be a my mom it was an inconvenience. She never felt sorry for herself..she always gave of herself to others. She raised 3 children ...a lot of time she had to do it alone because my dad's job required him to travel. Our house was the one that all of our friend's wanted to be at because they thought that mama was Cool =) She taught me the true meaning of a Mother's love. I miss her terribly and I will be forever grateful that God Blessed Me with her. My life will never be the same as I knew it..but my Faith in God and the Strength and Peace that only God can give me is what has helped me to survive this terrible loss. Our Family is feeling a terrible loss for a wonderful lady, but knowing that she is Safely in the Arms of Jesus is a great comfort. She has been made whole again...she can See again and she can Walk again.

I will always Love you and Miss you ! I am waiting for the day that we will meet again in Heaven................Love, Brenda



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