In Loving Memory of
Patricia Fuller

Dear Momma, I loved you so much. I know age had dimished your health and you were suffering more than you would tell me or others. You were so brave. They did all they could to help you. They worked on your body to make it live, but it wouldn't. I know you knew everything near the last. I only hope you know that I held your hand and was trying the only way I knew how to show you that I loved you. Loved you more than I loved me. Loved you enough to let you go when you had to. They could have kept your body working endlessly, but that is not what you wanted. It was what I wanted. I was selfish. Selfish to keep you there in pain for longer than you needed to be. I miss you Momma. I miss you so bad. I feel guilty that I couldn't have them do more, and happy that you are not suffering. All I can do is cry about it. They are going to bury your body in a couple days, and I sit here waiting. I did all the things after that you wanted. The pink dress, and the cameo, and just the right look. Janice will fix your hair so it will look just right. Everyone misses you momma. But I miss you most of all. Pat Jon.

only you ever called me this All my love forever Pat Jon



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