In Loving Memory of
Margaret K. Oana

Walking With the Spirit By Arma R. Oana I looked up and felt so alone, knowing you were now on your own. No one said how hard this would be, The day God took you away from me. I knew it was best for you to go, I just didnít expect the hurt the flow. The busy I tried to keep about me, kept the tears and fears from others to see. But after the prayers and all the guest have gone home, I suddenly hear how much Iím alone. Placing your clothes and things to the side, wishing you back and wanting to hide. Then I feel that warmth in the air, remembering someone who once was there. I know itís you, your scent I can smell, telling me secrets, things I need to tell. I quicken my steps to capture the scent, but the words that were spoken have all been spent. So I give out your message held from deep inside, speaking the words that come out with pride. Wanting to relish in the bask of your days, keeping the customs, keeping your ways. No matter which directions I decide to turn there is one thought in my mind to burn. Where ever I go what ever I say, Iíll cherish your memory and always pray. If ever Iím lonely feeling uptight, walking with your spirit will make me all right.

To a woman who gave her all to her children and family. She taught us how to live, love and create! I love you mom, forever!



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