In Loving Memory of
Tia Gina Riquelme

My dear aunt, she has left us and gone to be with the LORD. She will be missed so deeply because her departure was so sudden. She has left behind my grandmother who she adored and spent so many years of her life caring for. She has also left behind brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, family and friends who will never let her memory die. She taught us to love and be kind people and for this i will be forever grateful. I am personally overjoyed that my son Christian had the opportunity to meet you, i will tell him about you so he can look at your pictures and know what a wonderful woman you were. May you rest in peace Tia Gina knowing that you are loved and that Abuelita will be taken care of. Nunca la olvidaremos

Sandra Y toda la Familia Rojas,Freire Y Cantillana



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