In Loving Memory of

Did you ever know that you're my hero? And everything I wish I could be? I can fly higher than an eagle,for you are the wind beneath my wings She's been there,God knows she's been there she has seen and done it all She can dish it out or take it all She's a lover,she's a Mother she's a friend and she's a wife She's a sparrow when she's broken but she's an eagle when she flies....... And if you look real close you'll see.. our eyes are just the same.. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! I MISS YOU MOM! I REALLY WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE! Even though my brain knows why you left me,but my heart will never begin to understand.I miss you so much......I never thought anything could hurt so much as this.Why did you leave me?

Love,for eternity and beyond, Your Broken Doll,RO



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