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Ed was born August 16,1958 in San Mateo,Ca. He was then the youngest of 5 children. Until I came along.

My name is Kathleen and this memorial is for my big brother Ed. I left off his last name because he leaves behind a widow (my best friend) and 3 wonderful boys. I don't want to make them vulnerable to anything.

We grew up in at a time when families were starting to separate and attitudes were starting to relax. Our parents divorced when I was 9 and I don't really remember ever really being part of a family. I always felt as if Ed and I were the family. I didn't really know anyone else very well. They were so much older. Ed met Cindy almost 20 years ago. (makes us sound so old)

She turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to our family. After about 13 years they married. Just 3 short months after I announced the conception of my twins, Jonathan and Ralph, they announce that they were pregnant!

Jonathan, Ralph, and John became the best of friends. Ed, Cindy, and I became the same. Christmas of 96, the boys and I flew out to Missouri to spend it with Ed,Cindy, John, and Lee. Their 2nd son. That was the best Chrismas of our lives.

Our mom had passed in 94 and we were the only real family left. I was going to move out there and raise the boys with them but I got a job offer that I felt I had to try.

My boys spent a month in Missouri with Ed and Cindy and had the most wonderful time. You see, Ed was not only an excellent loving and attentive father to his kids, but he also understood the needs of those kids that didn't have a dad around and he filled that void.
In September of 97, at age 39, Ed died from heart problems. It was so sudden. Their 3rd son, Little Eddie, was born one month and a day after he died. I can't believe he'll never get to know what a great dad he had.
Ed was taken from us and we feel a devastating loss, but I know how he raised his children. I already see the magic in his oldest son John. He is the most awesome kid I've ever known. I know his world is crushed because they were so close. I just pray that he can find everything he needs to heal.

We see you in the stars at night, We pray for everything to be alright. We look for you in the sky above, We are blessed, we had your love.



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