In Loving Memory of
Clara Anderson-Iniguez

Clara was a dear friend to me she was full of life. I always admired her strength and her honesty I never met someone like her. Clara was a beautiful woman in my eyes with so many goals and dreams to accomplish but her life was cut short.Her children were her strength and her love for God. During her last year before she passed on I got to speak tp her and I showed her my daughter you know if it wasn't for her My other child wouldn't have been born she introduced me to my sons father we were such close friends we were like best friends I consider her one. When I was younger we used to do things together I would spend the night at her house and talk about things she held inside. We had such a bond and I know that God brought her in my life for a reason. I just wish i could have said goodbye but no ones promised tommarrow.She was only 20 years old almost 21 and I knew in my heart she would have conquered anything with her strength I wanted to right this in memorial for her because I never got to say goodbye GOODBYE CLARA I LOVE YOU




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