In Loving Memory of
Ruben C. Cosca, M.D.

Dear Dad, We miss you terribly. I pray that you have found peace. Can you see and hear us? I want you to know that Mom is alright and you don't need to worry about her. It is strange not having you around us anymore. You were and always will be the best dad anyone could ever ask for. I miss you dad. You always were truly concerned about us and always took care of us even when we all grew up. I miss your face, your jokes, your smile, your dancing, your love of life, your eggs! I hear every day how good a person you are. You are missed by many people. Your impact was tremendous. There are countless lives that you were able to heal, make better, and save! There are so many people in the world that don't do much but do for themselves. Your entire life was your family. Providing the best that you and mom could give. The sacrifices that were made everyday. You raised happy and content kids that have found success in many different ways. We are struggling now to define our lives without you. All that we can do is remember you and love you and each other.

Love, mom, angie, theresa, lisa, david, tina, laura, mike, melissa, matt, terry, robin, doug, sue, matt, andrew, and becci



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