In Loving Memory of
Jack VanKirk 1953-1999

Three months ago the world lost a great man. He was careing, loving, and hateless. He would have done anything for anyone and not have thought twice. He always thought of others before himself. I know all of this because this man was my father. When I lost him I lost my entire world. I miss him so much. I know that I should be grateful that I had him in my life for 18years but I really didn't. I lost him for a few years because of his ex-wife and I finally got him back and now I lost him for ever. I would give anything for just one more second with him just so that he could tell me he loved me one more time. Its not fair I'm only 18 years old. I should still have my daddy. Daddy I love you!!!!!! I miss you and I'll never let go.

Love, Erin



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